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Fully Integrated Spirituality
the theme this year

Over the last several years more than a few prominent spiritual leaders and teachers have been reviewing with Baba Dez their personal lives and practices. With so much cultivated heart and mind consciousness the realization hits them, “There is a huge hole in my life and  teachings”.  The most ignored, denied, misunderstood or bypassed area of spiritual exploration is the territory around sex and emotion.

Together in this evening talks and workshops we will explore with heart and consciousness the information and practices around the topics of Conscious Evolution, Embodied Presence,  Power with Consciousness,  Sexual Integration,  Spiritual Alchemy, and Sex Magic.  In the second "Playshop" half of the evening,  at each individuals discretion; solo, with a partner, or with rotating partners puja style, we will explore with body, heart, and feeling what we discussed in the Talk. 

We will explore how being willing to communicate, become transparent and be vulnerable in intimate relationship will enable you to find the hidden places inside that drain your power. Keeping ourselves insular to hide the shame of how dysfunctional we've been only keeps us powerless. The willingness to come out of hiding and feel our shame transforms our selfishness into abundance. How brave it is to stalk ourselves and bust our own delusions.

When we allow our mind to take its divine place as witness and receive without judging our desires, our bodies, and our emotions, then our mind can be an instrument of integration and direction Being willing to run 2nd chakra passion throughout our entire being, harnessing the fire that will manifest our dreams, will steer us on a path of more ease and beauty.

Once we integrate spirituality into sexuality, we make lovemaking a sacred act, and when shared is a true co-creation. When we merge in sacred sexual union and are fully feeling our emotional bodies in alignment with our hearts and physical bodies, the combined desire and intent are amplified to a quantum degree. We merge into Holographic Divinity and are able to manifest heaven on earth.
When we understand the importance and benefits of a Fully Integrated Spirituality, we can clearly see the next step on our path.  Join us for a fun, interesting, and interactive evening with no nudity and a strong emphasis on communicating and respecting individual boundaries and desires.

Schedule of Events

14/09, Wed - Talk & Playshop on "Fully Integrated Spirituality" in Trim, Co. Meath, 7-10pm 

15/09, Thur - Talk on "Fully Integrated Spirituality" at the Buddha Bag, Dublin, 7:30-10pm

16/09, Fri - Talk on "Fully Integrated Spirituality", 7:30-10pm

17/09, Sat - Cork Workshop - 9:30-5pm 18/09, Sunday - Dublin Workshop - 9:30-5pm

(13/09, Tue - 7:30-10:00pm - Open Conversation on  "Fully Integrated Spirituality and Polyamory - how it all works" at Dublin Polyamory group )


Limited Number of Private Session are available during Baba Dez's visit. Book early to ensure you get a place.


More about Baba Dez >> (link to his profile on International School of Temple Arts)


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